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Where Is 888 Poker Based? Find Out The Location Of 888 Poker

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Where is 888 Poker Based? | Find Out the Location of 888 Poker


888 Poker is one of the most well-known and reputable online poker platforms in the world. With millions of players from various countries, it’s natural to wonder where the company is based. In this article, we will dive into the location of 888 Poker and explore the reasons behind its popularity and success.

Why is the Location Important?

The location of an online poker platform can have various implications. It can affect the legality, licensing, and regulations that govern the platform. Additionally, it can also provide insights into the company’s reputation, security measures, and overall customer experience.

The Headquarters of 888 Poker

888 Poker is based in Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory located on the southern coast of Spain. Gibraltar is known for its strict regulations and licensing requirements, making it an ideal location for online gambling companies.

Why Gibraltar?

Gibraltar has become a hub for online gambling companies due to its favorable tax laws and regulatory framework. The Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner ensures that all licensed operators meet the highest standards of fairness, security, and responsible gambling.

Regulatory and Licensing Authority

888 Poker is licensed and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. This regulatory body ensures that the platform operates in a fair and secure manner, providing players with a safe and trustworthy environment to enjoy their favorite poker games.

Global Reach and Accessibility

One of the reasons behind the popularity of 888 Poker is its global reach and accessibility. Being based in Gibraltar allows the platform to cater to players from various countries around the world. This international presence has contributed to the platform’s diverse player pool and vibrant poker community.

Strict Compliance with International Laws

888 Poker operates in accordance with international laws and regulations, ensuring that players from different jurisdictions can safely enjoy their services. By adhering to these standards, the platform maintains its reputation as a trusted and reliable online poker provider.

Player Protection and Security Measures

888 Poker takes the security and protection of its players very seriously. Being based in Gibraltar provides an additional layer of assurance for players, as the platform is subject to strict regulations and regular audits.

Advanced Encryption Technology

888 Poker uses advanced encryption technology to safeguard players’ personal and financial information. This ensures that all transactions and data transfers are secure and protected from unauthorized access.

Responsible Gambling Initiatives

888 Poker is committed to promoting responsible gambling practices. By being based in Gibraltar, the platform adheres to the strict regulations set by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, which includes measures to prevent underage gambling and support for players with gambling-related issues.


888 Poker is based in Gibraltar, a jurisdiction known for its strict regulations and favorable tax laws. The platform operates under the licensing and oversight of the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, ensuring a safe and secure poker experience for players worldwide. With its global reach, player protection measures, and commitment to responsible gambling, 888 Poker has established itself as a top choice for online poker enthusiasts.

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